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Whipped Shea Body Pink Sugar

Whipped Shea Body Pink Sugar

Whipped Shea Body Pink Sugar - Whipped shea butter keeps the skin healthy to prevent skin problems from returning. It is ideal for all skin types due to its ability to absorb easily into the skin, instead of sitting on top of the skin. Whipped shea butter also conditions and softens hair. It is ideal for retaining and sealing in moisture.


Note Profile:

Top: Cotton Candy
Middle: Lemon Drops, Caramel
Base: Raspberry jam, dry musk


Directions: Apply a small amount of shea butter onto the affected areas that are dry such as the hands, elbows, and feet and massage thoroughly into the skin


Warning: For external use only, do not ingest. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. To avoid melting, keep product at room temperature


Ingredients: Unrefined Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Raspberry, Orange, Fig Leaf, Bergamot

Natural | Non-Toxic | Vegan | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free!


Packaging: You have a choice of an 8oz jar, 8oz pouch, or 1 gallon pail w/ sealed cap


Colors: Fragrances containing vanilla ingredients may discolor soap. Vanilla White Color stabilizer may help prevent discoloration due to vanilla.


Shelf Life: 6-12 Months


Whipped Shea Body Butter Suggested Price= $15.00 to $20.00 for 8 oz Pouch, $20.00 to $25.00 for 8 oz Jar (Note: These are suggested reselling prices you are welcome to charge what you like!)


Size: 8 oz



$150.00 – 20 unlabeled pouches

$175.00 – 20 unlabeled Jars

$220.20 – 20 Private labeled Pouches

$245.20 – 20 Private labeled Jars

$175.00 - 1 Gallon Bucket



    PriceFrom $150.00
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